Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Chapter 23- The Inside of a Cell

If you've clicked on this chapter, you've either read all of the other chapters that have been posted and are hoping to see how the story unfolds, or you're the type that wants to jump forward and find the juicy and titillating parts.

The only disappointment that you'll experience is that you won't find those parts online.

The story rapidly unfolds from where you've left off. There's violence, there's gratuitous sex, there's the sweet taste of revenge, and there's justice. Maybe not the type of justice that our esteemed court system is supposed to uphold, but justice none the less.

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  1. Fascinating! Where and when will we be able to continue reading?

  2. when can i buy the book and where

  3. Loved what I've read so far!
    Where do I get a copy of the book??

    N. Vonnegut
    Author, "Top Producer"