Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The film rights to this story are now being negotiated; listing on the Cantor Future Exchange to be announced at a later date


  1. Seems you uncovered David Glasser first..and flash forward to "Weinstein Trilogies 2017"- Only two of the many news reporters covering this story have tripped over the fact that Weinstein's longtime COO and Pres and now newly designated co-CEO has a long history of defrauding investors..birds of a feather flock together..http://variety.com/2017/biz/news/david-glasser-roy-ageloff-mafia-connection-1202586485/

  2. Breaking News Oct 13 2017 http://variety.com/2017/biz/news/david-glasser-roy-ageloff-mafia-connection-1202586485/